Experts In Emotion 10.2 — David DeSteno On Emotions And Social Interaction

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Experts In Emotion 10.2 — David DeSteno On Emotions And Social Interaction

Experts in Emotion Series; Director: June Gruber, Yale University

In this episode, you will learn about Emotions and Social Interaction with Dr. David DeSteno from Northeastern University. Dr. DeSteno will share what first got him interested in this topic and highlight a few core themes in his research. Dr. DeSteno will discuss exciting future discoveries on this topic. The interview will conclude with a few words of advice for getting involved in the field of emotion.

00:00 Chapter 1. Introduction to Dr. David DeSteno
01:13 Chapter 2. What got you interested in studying emotion?
01:57 Chapter 3. What are the central discoveries of your work?
06:31 Chapter 4. What do you see in store for the future of emotion?
08:37 Chapter 5. What is your advice to viewers?

The Experts in Emotion Series provides a unique opportunity to explore the mysteries of human emotion guided by some of the world’s foremost experts on the subject, ranging from distinguished academics to leading figures behind social media services like Facebook. In addition to tackling central questions such as what emotions are, why we have them, and how our understanding of them can lead to happier and healthier lives, you’ll also hear first-hand about what first led these key players to study emotion and what they see as the most exciting frontiers ahead. This series is part of a broader educational mission to share the study of human emotion beyond the boundaries of the classroom in order to reach students and teachers alike, both locally and globally, through the use of technology. This mission is generously supported by, and in collaboration with, the Yale Office of Digital Dissemination and the Yale College Dean’s Office. This series was recorded and produced by Douglas Forbush, Lucas Swineford, and the Yale Broadcasting and Media Center.

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