Losing Interest In Social Interaction ~ Satsang With Mooji

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Losing Interest In Social Interaction ~ Satsang With Mooji

Losing Interest in Social Interaction: Losing interest in what had no value in the first place ~ Arunachala Satsang with Mooji
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33 thoughts on “Losing Interest In Social Interaction ~ Satsang With Mooji

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  2. I’m thankful for my suffering, although the Separate Self hated it at the
    time lol. The thoughts that used to control me, are now a playground I can
    choose to play in or I can just bathe in the Knowing of my own Being. 

  3. I am losing interest in social interaction, but I’ve also realized, that
    when I do begin to play with the world of form, it’ll be out of love, and
    pure love only. 

  4. “keep melting out, like a cloud in the sky” …. “without your interest
    these negative thoughts are fading out” …. “gap is for mind, space is
    for being” …… “infinte space, peace, joy, silence, love, wisdom” …. 

  5. Mooji I love you!!! Thank you for reminding us!!! And thank you for the joy
    and the laughs!!! I feel blessed to feel you.

  6. Mooji, your videos have led to my own peace. Thank you. I am now aware of
    what this battle was and now know my purpose and who I am.

  7. This video I shared with the people I value most in my life. I have been in
    this state for the past year where I just don’t have an interest for social
    interaction. Not with loved ones, friends or co workers. I told my own
    father “I need space”. I’m a social worker by profession and my peace is
    when I’m alone in my thoughts with a good book and my cell phone powered
    off. This video has been like a breath of fresh air because I used to find
    great pain and guilt in pushing others away by any means to have a few days
    of solitude in my mind and spirit. I’m a serious natured being and I get
    caught up on the small details much and when I have space there are no
    details. My freedom is what I value my spiritual life is what I value so to
    push people away for the very things I value to come forth I do very often.
    This video taught me how to express my lost of interest to interact with
    others sexually, mentally, emotionally and just physically. Maybe one day
    this will change but the way we as a society have become so superficial so
    robotic and numb I prefer to be alone and when I do interact and my buttons
    are pushed I’ll know how to respond better. And soon I hope to realize
    there are no buttons. 🙏🏾 thank you Mooji ❤️

  8. Living the moment and waiting for the day that my button can longer be
    pushed, because their isn’t any buttons. Thank you Mooji

  9. I’ve seen many diverse cultures around him. . And since alot of this
    philosophy is eastern teachings they already know the way. … in most his
    satsang s there are Asians whites Indians etc. As for black people they are
    probably very Christian and baptist and devoted to scripture. Alot of
    westerners are just not getting enough out of their previous conditioning
    and teens are getting braver to seek out side the box. . Most excellent. .I
    think we should kiss and wash each others feet how loving and honorable.
    Mooji never brought up the idea of not relating he was answering a question
    of why one was losing interest. Simply put as many have posted we out grow
    the regular chit chat. We are in a higher place and want higher
    conversations. Make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the
    other gold. .as for another post a real evolved soul is beyond I’m better
    than you etc and labels. I’ve been into truth seeking for many many years
    this is all truth mooji says. . I’ve never listened to much of any masters
    etc been my own author and thru my own experience this is a truth seeker in
    every way. …. at mod maker whatever your name is. .. every body is happy
    here they found someone they can relate to because they themselves have
    Shanti. I’ll love and leave. …

  10. i am so gratefull that I see this one, because this is exactly what I am
    experiencing, I m starting to lose interest in some kind of talk, not all
    talk but some and it’s hard when people around you still do that And I feel
    i am going with that, but it doesnt feel good anymore. Often people tell me
    I am quiet but I like it, i dont need to talk that much anymore expect for
    now what I am experiencing in the now/in contact I still found it a bit
    difficult, because i feel a bit strange in the world but i am gonna trust
    that i ill meet people like me when i really start to be myself

  11. When your loved ones reject you it is good ha ha ha. Less people to buy
    Christmas presents for, less funerals to attend, you also cause less pain
    when you die.

  12. I love how he tells him not to just be so serious with guarding himself
    from every interaction just to avoid that small talk, etc. but just to go
    with it and with what’s feeling right in the moment. I think sometimes in
    spirituality, even in this form of spirituality, people can begin to take
    themselves too seriously and it becomes more about evaluating others and
    putting yourself on a pedestal than it is about just flowing with life and
    accepting what is and going with what feels good. I love that he always
    brings it back to the most down to earth, accepting, flowing explanation.
    Everything is nothing and nothing is everything, y’know?

  13. Thank You so much for this beauiful video which, after so many years, has
    clarified the process I have been going through. But still not knowing how
    to meet those others who are in the similar space other than travelling
    back to Ashram where they live……

  14. I wonder if it always has to be that there are some highly philosophical,
    free minded people who have to break what they acomplished to ‘th other
    people’. if you had all those revelations you realize that you could even
    go a lot higher, life could be so so much more and so much less rational,
    but weirderbut it’s ‘just’ you teaching the basis of what the spiritual
    journey is. those realizations are only the start for real mind altering
    experiences if you ask me and in our society you basically have to cut it
    off there more or less to kind of fit into the picture and you can only
    adventure into distant realms deep inside of you every now and then. you
    can’t become too different from what people understand.

  15. take for example terence mckenna. to me he was a equally wise man to great
    teachers from all times like mooji, allan watts and many more before them.
    they all stumbled upon spiritual realizations underlying all of life that
    lead to a fulfilling, purposefull life without self doubt and a sense for
    the magic of being (in the universe). they all became well known and
    acknowledged figures but terence, as far as I see it, took it further. he
    took it the deepest he could in every direction, earth and heavens, heart
    and mind, to not only understand these basic principles for a good life,
    but get a grip on the small connections, puzzle the underlying structure of
    everything together more deeply, in an effort to cleanse his whole
    understanding of what we call life from all false assumptions and concepts
    of descriptions. and at that point you enter a realm where words do not
    nearly describe it accurately, even if you are on mckennas linguistic
    level. and at that point you also become alienated in such a way, that you
    are at a crossing of choosing to teach and live a life more in the world of
    society or dive as deep as possible into the weird world of your own mind
    and the reality of all that is. and you could see it in his face how this
    role has tormented him over the years, because he tried to imbed his
    visions into a world that was for the most part not nearly ready to even
    understand HOW and therefore not what he even thought. a once expanded mind
    can’t get back to its old concepts without feeling to get lost in a sense.
    but it is absurdely hard to find a way out of society, because the human
    being isn’t ment to I believe. still living in it these days with an open
    mind leads to a lot of suffering if you are not very careful these days.
    you loose interest in social interactions and simoly teaching doesn’t
    fullfill you, because you feel born to quest in the core of your being

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