Social Interaction – Student Short Documentary

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Social Interaction – Student Short Documentary

Student documentary on social interaction

One thought on “Social Interaction – Student Short Documentary

  1. I think I can argue that Will is just a creepy person in general? he
    fidgets with his hand, walk’s stiffly, his tall completion makes him look
    extremely thin, and his clothes don’t match his personality, In my opinion
    I’d assume he was homeless. If arguing that children seemed intimidating to
    the elderly than use a child for the experiment rather than a fully grown
    man? I think if i were holding a bunny and were to spark a random
    conversation with a stranger in the street’s it would be easier, most
    likely because I’m young and the idea of me holding a bunny would imply
    that I’m probably nice and caring rather then a threat. I think technology
    is just making kids antisocial, they’d rather text than talk to a old
    person. My generations definitely going to face challenge. 

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