SOCIAL INTERACTION TRAINER 2 Girls 1 Quick Look: How To Please A Woman

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SOCIAL INTERACTION TRAINER 2 Girls 1 Quick Look: How To Please A Woman

Social interaction trainer teaches you how to interaction humans with your eyes. You may even successfully mate with a woman. BUT THE STAKES ARE HIGH!

2 Girls 1 Quick Look Social Interaction Trainer.

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23 thoughts on “SOCIAL INTERACTION TRAINER 2 Girls 1 Quick Look: How To Please A Woman

  1. Noooooooo God! You never even peek I mean…. no. God no! No!

    Seriously tho, etiquette demands you stare straight ahead. You don’t look
    at your own junk, you just look at the wall. That’s why men’s room stalls
    are so disgusting, nobody knows where they’re aiming at. We wing it.

  2. This game is actually pretty cool. During the Park scene for example if you
    weren’t looking at your date’s eyes the game assumed you were bored. Game
    wants you to look at people in the eye when they look at you. Pretty neat
    and kinda realistic?

    … Except for the condom buying and whatnot afterwards. That was kinda
    weird. lol.

  3. You ended up doing it, but I think in the last scene you were supposed to
    look down more because your gf is below you. You’re in missionary. So when
    you’re looking to the side, you’re not actually looking at her, you’re
    staring off into space.

    The rest of the game is side-to-side interaction, so it wasn’t framed well.

  4. My favourite part of the day is coming home, loading up mass effect and
    just getting lost in your videos <3

  5. Being with women isn’t difficult. But playing a game in which you are
    “next” to your partner while bumping uglies makes things complicated.
    Unless your partner is rubbing themself against you leg while you’re
    sleeping, that’s just weird. 

  6. But…if you’re not allowed to make eye contact in the urinal, then how
    will people know when you’re giving them the cross eye signal?

  7. I like how you sort of tried to blur the… *Romance* scene the first time,
    but didn’t bother doing so for the rematches. I don’t think anyone’s going
    to lose the plot over MS Paint boobs, anyway.

  8. Oh, THAT’S how you get romantic interests? You just stare at the book she’s
    reading for half a second? I’ve been doing it all wrong the whooooole time!

  9. This first part of this video is offensive to men with large penises. You
    generalized a group of people without regard of their feelings.

    What if I said women with large breasts don’t try during sex…or cute
    nerdy asian girls think they just have to “show up” and put in no effort.

    Many men with large penises put in effort and attention in love making.

    You clearly haven’t had sex with a guy with a truly large penis. 6 inches
    is NOT large lol

  10. this game is like the perfect portrail of having serious social anxiety,
    speaking someone with major anxiety isuess and numerous other mental

  11. The fact you guys kept looking beside you is hilarious! She wasn’t beside
    him! She was UNDER him during the “Romance” part. I laughed so hard just
    watching you guys get so frustrated!

  12. I think this game might be made for, say, autistic people who may have
    difficulties with social interaction and eye contact. I’ve got autism and
    I’m really bad at things like eye contact, so although this game is very
    simplistic it has good intentions and isn’t really that weird when seen in
    that context. It also makes the social interaction via eyeball motions seem
    as weird as it feels for someone like myself.

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